We specialize in helping low and medium-income earners who desire high-yielding returns through real estate investments.

What makes us.

We are very delighted for this opportunity to formally introduce our company, Zylus Elite Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd to your esteemed organisation as we believe our financial solutions will be of immense benefit to the members of your organisation

What we provide for you.


Rentizy is specially designed for investors who are willing to invest in Real Estate and earn rental income without having to build or buy properties, through a rental income plan. 


PDSS is a savings scheme specially designed for low and medium-income earners who are willing to make returns through real estate investment and those that want to save towards owning or developing a property

Land Banking Development

Co-own a Building in Our Estate For Resale Purpose and earn 15% and 35% profit 

Our Recent Development

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